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Counseling is the fastest way in which people who need our counseling can reach out at their convenience. Free Your Mind from negativity and feel free to consult the best expert.

Consult Top & Best Psychologist, Counsellor, Mental Health Therapist, and Psychotherapist now. Experience the best therapy & Counselling sessions. Chat/Phone Call/ Video Call and you can visit the center for your emotional & mental health issues.

With our therapy, people can greatly succeed from issues such as sadness, worrying, stress, depression, phobias, marital problems, self-esteem problems and many more issues. Also, therapy can be extremely beneficial for individuals and families.

We give you the right psychologist for your mental and emotional health.

Our Top Therapy Services


Counseling is a safe place to express any emotions a person is having difficulty expressing.

Special Education

Special education is an instruction that is specially designed to meet the unique needs of a child with a disability.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps people of all ages to recover from injury, disability, or illness and participate in activities of daily living.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy can help people who have difficulty speaking to communicate better and to break down the barriers that result from speech impediments.


Physiotherapy is the technique to treat diseases, physical disabilities, injuries, and other health conditions using physical activities, exercises, massages, and more.

Yog Therapy

Yoga therapy is a type of therapy that uses yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and guided imagery to improve mental and physical health.


Basic mindfulness meditation is the practice of paying attention to the present moment with an accepting, nonjudgmental disposition.


Performs supervised individual and group counseling, supervision, crisis intervention, and consultation/outreach.


Workshops on mental health are often informal and interactive. Trainers and participants may take part in discussions, presentations, and debates, with new ideas and techniques.

Residential Programs

The pace, power, support, and focus given by residential programs allow for demonstrated results in far less time.

NIOS Admissions

Group and Individual classes for special children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is therapy for me?

Whether you are experiencing symptoms that come in the way of daily living or want to explore issues experienced in the past or are keen on enhancing your well-being and growth in life – therapy is suitable for all.

What does a Therapy pack offer?

A Therapy pack helps with the continuity of your wellness journey, without having to bother about booking sessions one at a time. Your Therapist will recommend the number of sessions that you might need to address your challenges.

What is the difference between a Therapist and a Psychiatrist?

Therapists go deep into our problems with us. They help us understand ourselves better and plan for recovery without using medicines. Psychiatrists diagnose and treat chronic mental health conditions and may use medicines.

What should I expect during my first therapy session?

Your therapist will focus on getting to know you better through the first session. Together, the two of you will identify goals for follow-up sessions. Your therapist may also share a few exercises for you to practice, if relevant.

How to book my Therapy session?

Here’s how you can book a therapy session from

Who all will have access to my medical data?

Only your assigned Therapist and/or assigned Psychiatrist will have access to your medical data until you provide explicit access to any other professional

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